Max Factor Rebrand

Student project at
Academy of Art University


Branding, Strategy

Disclaimer: This project is a derivative work of design and that makes not reflect the opinions of Max Factor. The website is the outcome of a student project. 


To rebrand a dead, dying or defunct brand, to give it new life.
Create a new marketing strategy and visual system while retaining the brand’s original essence.



Max Factor was public in 1948 and was commercially successful. Procter & Gamble purchased it in 1991. Max Factor specialized in movie make-up.

The New Max Factor can produce innovative products and bring creativity and confidence to people based on the brand soul that creating personal glamour statements every day. Not only self-confidence in appearance but also focus on inner spirit.

New Mission

Promoting people’s true glamour, which is their inherent potential, and encouraging them to become fearless in pursuing a fulfilling life.

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